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Welcome to Cheap Tile Deals, the cheapest ONLINE ONLY tile store in the UK. We currently have 2,000 tiles available in stock at prices you won't find cheaper anywhere else. There are many things to look out for when picking a traditional tile shop. Such as, are you getting the right price? Is the salesperson too pushy or will my tiles come at the right time. These are all things that are no longer a problem when buying from us. Our online-only process means that you get the cheapest price available on the internet. Taking that salesman away from you and keeping your bank balance much healthier.

Buying Tiles the Easy Way

Why is buying tiles from us so easy? Well, we don't have a flashy big showroom for you to walk around. We also don't have masses of salespeople to pay commission. Instead, our online-only store, allows us to be the cheapest in the UK. There are no gimmicks here, just tiles, so if you're looking floor, bathroom or any other room tile then we will have it here.

It doesn't matter what kind of cheap tiles you're looking for, we have it all for you here. We stock everything from ceramic, mosaic, glass and even a large range of designer tiles. We are constantly adding to our stock and have access to over 7,000 different tiles. Our staff can also access tiles from the UKs biggest providers at some serious knock down rates. If you're looking for tiles from Walls & Floors, British Ceramic or any of the other big names, then you'll find them here.

Calling Cheap Tile Deals

We try our absolute best to ensure that every tile we have access to, is available on our website. However, at times, that's not always possible. If you have a specific tile in mind and can't find it, then please feel free to fill in our contact form or drop us a line. We are available to answer your calls Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm.

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