About us

About Cheap Tile Deals

Our tile shop is more than just picking tiles and having a pushy salesman tell you what makes them the most money. We have a "no frills" approach to allow you to pick the tiles you want. We also have the added bonus of being the cheapest tile shop on the internet. So you know that when you've bought something from us, it isn't available cheaper elsewhere.

How It Works


Find your tile

Search through our thousands of tiles in stock. With everything from standard ceramic to beautiful mosaics and a large range of designer tiles. You then order online for delivery (all orders over £150 qualify for FREE DELIVERY).


Arrange your delivery

We're happy to ship our products across the UK. We've even shipped items across Europe as we're so cheap. We will arrange, with you the best time and place to have your new tiles delivered and all you then have to do is wait for their arrival.


Have your tiles fitted and enjoy!

We need yourselves to arrange fitting. Many people have someone in mind when ordering, however, once they are fitted into your new kitchen, bathroom or even swimming pool, you just need to keep the clean and enjoy your homes.